Special Ops Events & Promotional Services


Our multi-purpose and easily reconfigurable aircrafts offers various aerial missions to add that special touch of class to your special moments in life. Be it a promotion, product launch or events much closer to heart, rest assured that our dedicated team will always find the safest solution to deliver the high-level standards in aerial missions. Not limiting our services just for special events, we also offer a range of services for locals and visiting travellers alike who wants to enjoy the beauty & culture of our wondrous island from a birds eye view. Our packages include are a variety of scenic or cultural missions as well as packages for sports & thrill seekers.


Banner & Flag Towing

Banner flying is a great way to promote your school flag over an event to envy your rivals. It is also a very effective tool to gain your brand / promotion the visibility over other companies in the market. Our experienced team understand the unique needs for aerial advertisement campaigns and always ready to share there experiences in ensuring your company gets the maximum exposure.

Aerial Advertising

Looking for best brand visibility for budgets in hand? Aerial advertisements is an assured way to achieve it. A bright and dynamic flying advertisement coupled with the sound of a helicopter is always an assured method to make people look up into the sky. And the best part of choosing us for your aerial advertising requirements is that all of our service packages come at truly affordable costs.

Flower Dropping

Flowers represent both joy and grief, a celebration of a life event or a celebration of a life lived. There is no better way of appreciation either or both than with a shower of flowers from above. Our experienced staff and crew can guide you to plan out the how & when to make that moment a truly memorable event or mark of respect!

Under Slung Operations

How does an aerial display of your product sound instead of an advertisement of it? Yes, we can do that! We can provide an aerial display of the actual product instead of an advertisement of it to make it the talk of the town! Don’t hold back, speak to our experienced team with your advertising ideas that fly out the box and we will assist to make it a reality.

Branding & Advertising


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Romance just got airborne! Planning to propose to the love of your life? Fly her or him to a dream destination or simply guarantee that 'Yes' with a breathtaking aerial view! Don't just stop there, also make antique cars just a thing from the past and turn your Going Away to a Fly Away. Get to your honeymoon destination with class & glamour feeling like a rock start on that special day. Our wedding packages can be for you or for your guest. Treat those who fly in miles across oceans for your special day with a pleasant surprise of aerial commute to their lodging or function so they may relax and enjoy the view while in transit.

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Make your child's birthday a special and memorable one with helicopter rides for him/her and friends. Or simply flying you away to exotic destinations for a romantic birthday. Senok Air can help you organise a very special day for you and your loved one. We will help you plan the departure, arrival and can also with hotel reservation and entertainment at the destination. Leaving from a point very close to your home or office and we know a wide variety of hotels that cater for helicopter landings and fine food. You can stay the day, or the night and fly back home. Each journey is filled with fantastic views, giving you a great sense of freedom and memories to last a lifetime.

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Anniversary parties are landmark events in our lifetime. Achievements and/or milestones reached overcoming many obstacles & challenges. These special moments deserve the best celebrations. Surprise your parents or loved ones with a gift of a memorable helicopter tour. Be it a day out or an overnight stay, our experienced team will help you plan out the perfect get away for them to reminisce on their achievements in style and glamour. Not just the air commute, we will also assist you with finding the perfect destination and activities for them to cherish each moment.

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Senok Air allows you to get creative with your plans for your special events even more memorable, no matter what you have in mind, whether it’s simply sightseeing from a birds eye view, travelling to your favourite destination, dining at a special hotel or attending a sporting event. Aerial commute saves you the times and gives your day that something extra to enjoy what your destination has to offer. Beat the stress of traffic jams and unruly drivers and arrive at your destination in style, comfort and luxury of our French made Airbus H125 helicopters with wide cabin space and panoramic view to watch the wondrous island below. Flying through the air in a helicopter is an experience like no other and you will talk about it for years to come.




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